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Top 4 free spy apps for android

The best spy apps for Android are perfect for those who are concerned about or looking to monitor a child’s or a specific person’s cell phone activity or location to protect against online threats or gain access to the data they want. Despite what you might think, spyware isn’t all bad.

In fact, there are many legal and ethical reasons why you might look for a reliable Android spy app to help you monitor your children’s social media, business partner or read deleted messages on Android. In this article on the Free Phone App site, after reviewing hundreds of apps, we decided to introduce you to the best of them; So stay with us until the end of this article.

App Name Rate on App Store Number of Installs
uMobix ***** +100K
Clevguard **** +100K
eko **** +10K
EyeZy **** +100K



It’s a popular app for its amazing features and real-time monitoring on Android and iOS devices, and it’s definitely a worthy name in our top 3 best Android spy apps. In addition to the common features you find in most spy apps, uMobix offers some great features for advanced surveillance needs, including access to the device’s microphone and cameras to gain insight into the user’s surroundings, all in real time.

One of the advantages of this app is that you can access the history of calls and messages and all the files of that phone are also available to you. You can also identify the location of the person or the desired place. One of the exciting things you can see is that you have access to record everything your audience types and this feature is one of the distinguishing features of this app.

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Play audio and video in real time

It is possible to access all data


If you want to use this app in full, you have to buy its subscription.


Clevguard is a phone monitoring app that allows you to track all the activities of your children or anyone you want remotely without any hassle. This application enables you to quickly access phone files from anywhere. You can also track GPS and Wi-Fi location with this app. You can take a screenshot remotely. In addition, it provides data synchronization by 3G or 4G network or Wi-Fi. This app is one of the best secret spy apps for Android that allows you to record phone calls. Also, this app supports several languages and you have no connection restrictions.


Ability to control the data and activities of a person’s mobile phone

High speed


It allows you to monitor one device at a time.

If you want to use this app fully, you must have in-app payment.


EyeZy is the best Android spy app; Because its main purpose is to help you protect your kids from any potential online threats, and their features certainly live up to that. It’s a great tool for parents who want to make sure their kids aren’t using social media for illegal activities, and its ability to view deleted messages is one of its cool features. This app is popular because it offers a powerful, reliable and feature-rich solution for monitoring Android devices and tablets, and it is also on our list as one of the best spy apps for iPhone.

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Social media monitoring

Location tracking

It allows you to monitor and block specific websites

Call registration

The possibility of screen recording

View deleted messages


Using all the features of this app requires in-app payment, which is also expensive.

In general, this app is designed for parents to check their child’s activities regularly. Parents can also easily track call logs, location, messages and many more at a time. With this app, all data is completely unidentifiable and safe, and you can silently monitor the mobile phone activities of the person you want.

Also, you have the possibility to access the social media account and normal text messages of that person, and one of the features of this app is that it also records and tracks all the activities of that person, and you can easily access the contact list of that person. have access.


In this article, we have answered one of the most important questions of users on the Free Phone App site and examined it from different sections. You can access and control the personal data you want through the above free apps.

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