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Top 3 free violin learning apps for android

Violins are considered one of the most magical musical instruments; Because their voice touches our hearts. Many people are attracted by its magical properties and want to learn to play the violin. Although the violin sounds very simple, like the guitar, it is one of the most challenging and requires a lot of practice. Many people offer violin training courses, but if you believe in self-learning and want to master the violin from the comfort of your home, in this article on our Free Phone App site, after reviewing hundreds of apps, we decided to introduce you to the best apps.

App Name Rate on App Store Number of Installs
Violin Magic Bow **** +10M
iReal Pro ***** +100K
Master Violin Tuner **** +1M


This article discusses violin learning apps and how to master the violin in less time. apps dedicated to musicians and violinists have made it easier than ever to practice, learn and develop their mastery of essential music theory and technique, even on the go. Some apps are better, so we’ve explored the options and compiled our list of the best violin learning apps. Thanks to technological advances, anyone can learn to play the violin at home.

Violin Magic Bow


Violin Magic Bow is a game learning platform where you can learn the violin by playing the simulator. Voted the most fun Android app of 2016, this app is a lovely, free and complete violin, viola and cello app. You can play any violin song on your phone with a virtual bow on the screen. This real app lets you listen to music on your phone while you stimulate the Bow. This app has three different modes and can also help you learn the violin. Magic Bow also allows you to play and learn violin with your friends and family via Facebook.

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Play chords from the library.

Access hundreds of violin strings.

A selection of songs to play with violin, viola and cello instruments.

Press notes on the fingerboard to choose from different violin scales to free play or pieces to learn.


You need in-app payment for full access to the app.


iReal Pro

iReal Pro1

iReal Pro is a simple violin learning app that may help musicians of all levels master their skills. Because of its UI and UX, you will be amazed to use it in iPhone app. It’s not easy to maintain consistency when you lose interest in your activities, but iReal Pro, on the other hand, allows you to loop specific notes and phrases and sink into each one with repeated practice; As far as tools and features are concerned, iReal Pro has them all. This program is very user-friendly and enables you to create and collect your music preferences. All important features and useful tools make this app a great app to learn violin.


A virtual band that accompanies you during your workout.

High quality digital audio that can be mixed and transposed to any key

You can listen, change and download any music you want.

Share, modify and export your music to take it everywhere


You have to pay $14.99 to use this app.


Master Violin Tuner

Master Violin Tuner1

This app was developed by Netigen Music Tuners last year. So, this is a new introduction to app stores. Master Violin Tuner is a simple to use tool that allows you to tune your violin quickly. It has grown in popularity since its inception due to its unique algorithm that is highly accurate in detecting violin sounds. This app allows you to tune strings and learn the exact finger position for each note using a simple scale that displays pitch accuracy. It is designed specifically for the violin, making it one of the best in its class. As a result, its analysis is fast, efficient and accurate.

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A precision tool that will help you quickly tune your violin.

Designed and tested by professional musicians.

Tuner and Pitchfork are the two modes available in this app.

It is suitable for both professionals and amateurs.


You have to make in-app payment if you want to use this app.



In this article on the Free Phone App site, we have answered one of the most common questions of users and examined it from different sections. There are apps that you can use to learn the violin easily.

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