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What game apps can you make real money on?

What game apps can you make real money on? These days, you can earn cash prizes by playing mobile games, taking surveys and shopping online. Just by playing, you can earn gift cards or win cash and other prizes. Pick up your mobile device, download these apps and get paid to play your favorite games. While you won’t make enough money to quit your job and become a full-time gamer, a little extra cash never hurt anyone. In this article on free phone app, we want to talk about these games:

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  • Solitaire Cash
  • Yatzy Cash
  • Mistplay
  • Swagbucks
App Name Rate on App Store # of Installs
Solitaire Cash ★★★★★ 1M+
Yatzy Cash ★★★★★ 1M+
Mistplay ★★★☆☆ 5M+
Swagbucks ★★★★★ 5M+

What game apps can you make real money on?

Solitaire Cash

Play and get paid for your favorite classic game and real cash prizes with Solitaire Cash. Fill your pockets with prizes when you enter this fun game. Download Solitaire Cash for free to start competing in cash tournaments to win real money without ads interrupting your game.

What game apps can you make real money on?

Solitaire Cash at a glance:

# of Installs 1M+
User Rate: ★★★★★
Devices: Androind
Free version: Yes
Contain Ads: Yes
Pro version: Free

Solitaire Cash main features

  • earning income:Earn money by playing.
  • Play with other players: Compete with other players and earn money.
  • Easy payment: Receive your money after requesting a withdrawal.
  • Solitaire Cash Strength and Weaknesses
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✅ Solitaire Cash Strengths:

  1. Convert money to digital currency
  2. A lot of games
  3. Get paid easily

❌Solitaire Cash Weaknesses:

  1. Not available in some countries
  2. Access to a bank account to deposit money

What game apps can you make real money on?

Download Solitaire Cash

You can download Solitaire Cash from this button:

download Solitaire Cash

Yatzy Cash

Yatzy Cash is a new game that includes grand tournaments and head-to-head matches where you can win prizes and real money. This is your favorite dice game, Yatzy Cash is a 13 round game. Throw a YATZY and get 75 points. Score more points than your opponent to win the game and win prizes. Yatzy Cash has a variety of rewards that help you get a higher score and anti-cheat technology to ensure a very fair match and gaming experience, plus 100% safe and secure withdrawals via PayPal.


This app only pays you to play online games. Mistplay gives users the opportunity to play a video in exchange for playing cards and then win a prize. Also, don’t forget that membership in the game is free. Launched in 2017, the game focuses on providing an environment for users to participate in games for rewards. When users earn points, they can join in-app games to earn virtual Visa gift cards through retailers like Amazon.

With Mistplay, you are eligible to earn money the minute you start playing online games. You can even play with your friends and upgrade your avatar to unlock achievements and speed up activities. They also help by providing a chat feature to encourage participants to connect and interact with the user.

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What game apps can you make real money on?

Mistplay at a glance:

# of Installs 5M+
User Rate: ★★★☆☆
Devices: Androind
Free version: Yes
Contain Ads: Yes
Pro version:
In-app purchases

Mistplay main features

  • Your exclusive game: Play games that are just for you.
  • earn units:Earn units by playing the game.
  • Buy from Google Play: Redeem your units for gift cards to Amazon, the Google Play Store, and more.

Pro version features:

  • Free bonus:Get free bonuses with in-app purchases.
  • Get cryptocurrency:Receive cryptocurrency instead of cash.

Mistplay Strength and Weaknesses

✅ Mistplay Strengths:

  1. Discover new mobile games
  2. Play with other players
  3. Earn money easily
  4. Create a free account

❌ Mistplay Weaknesses:

  1. Battery consumption in the game is high
  2. In-app purchases can be a bit expensive

What game apps can you make real money on?

Download Mistplay

You can download Mistplay from this button:

download Mistplay


Swagbucks is a great site that offers you many ways and free play is one of them. In this game you can also earn money by completing surveys and watching videos and participating in other online activities. With the new Swagbucks mobile app, you can earn rewards wherever you go and redeem them for gift cards or PayPal cash.

Shopping online is another great way to earn rewards. Grab your mobile device and first visit Swagbucks to check out its cash back offers. Click them before you buy to earn a percentage of your purchase order in the form of Swagbucks. You can use any of the free gift cards you like, including Walmart, Target, and Visa.


In this article on the free phone app, we answered one of the most common needs of users and checked it in different ways. There are many apps that you can use, but in this article, we mentioned the best of them.

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