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What Is the Best Free OBD2 App for Android

What Is the Best Free OBD2 App for Android? This is the frequently asked question that we are going to respond to in this guide from the Free Phone App. Stay tuned to the end of the article if this is something that interests you.

What Is the Best Free OBD2 App for Android?

Torque Lite

This application is without a doubt one of the best free OBD2 apps for Android. The only thing is that Torque Lite may not be compatible with certain Nissan, Chrysler, or Subaru vehicles. As you can expect from free Android apps, you will also need to deal with pop-up ads, which can sometimes be extremely annoying.

But if this is going to be your first ever experience of using an OBD2 app on your Android device, Torque Lite seems to be a perfect choice. The free version will allow you to get a feel for the app, or to find out whether this application will work with your OBD2 scanner or not. Torque Lite is also capable of revealing the source of the problem when the check engine light is on.

Download from Google Play

InCarDoc ELM327

InCarDoc ELM327
InCarDoc ELM327

If you don’t want to spend money on an OBD2 app, the free version of the inCarDoc is going to be enough to cover your basic automobile diagnostic needs.

Using this application, you will be able to scan and erase diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). You can also check engine parameters in real time and monitor key information including vehicle speed, coolant temperature, ignition timing, and much more.

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Rest assured that InCarDOc ELM327 is going to be more than enough to cover your basic diagnostics and monitoring needs.

Download from Google Play

BlueDriver OBD2 Scan Tool

BlueDriver OBD2 Scan Tool
BlueDriver OBD2 Scan Tool

This free OBD App for iPhone is a remarkable diagnostic tool. The beauty of this app is that it can be used by absolutely everyone to know what kind of shape a car is in and how things can be fixed, be it a new car owner or an experienced auto mechanic.

Feature include:

  • Ability to scan and find Trouble Codes
  • Enhanced Diagnostics for
  • Generate, print, and share Repair Reports (details below)
  • Clear Trouble Codes
  • Enhanced Diagnostics (e.g. ABS, Airbag, Transmission, etc.) for Ford, Mercedes, Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota, etc. available worldwide
  • Multi-data logging & graphing
  • Completely wireless service

The database of this app contains more than thirty million Reported Fixes. The report that you receive from this app is going to be detailed, yet easy to follow and understand.

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Car Scanner ELM OBD2

Using Car Scanner ELM OBD2 you get to check your car’s performance and diagnose any possible issues.

Features include:

  • A vast database of DTC codes
  • ECU self-check test results
  • Checking all sensors in one place
  • You can also add custom PIDs
  • Reporting on fuel consumption
  • Offers precise acceleration measurement

Recommended adapters for this OBD app for iPhone come from Carista, Kiwi 3, LELink, Viecar, Veepeak, and V-Gate.

download from Google Play

Summing Up

What Is the Best Free OBD2 App for Android? This is the question that we answered in this post from the Free Phone App team. Hope these apps can help you take better care of your care and ultimately yourself.

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