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What Is the Best Free Call Blocker App for Android

What is the best free call blocker app for Android? These apps help you get rid of unwanted and annoying calls and text messages. Someone you don’t know or don’t want to talk to keeps calling and texting your phone? Do you want to get rid of this person? The first thing that comes to mind is to block calls and texts from this particular person.

The ability to block calls and SMS has become a standard in modern Android smartphones. Users with older Android phones do not have the built-in feature to block calls and texts from annoying people though.

Best Free Call Blocker Apps for Android

Now confusion arises when you have so many options but can’t decide which one is the best. Out of all these apps available out there, only a few seem to work for users.

We have looked at a lot of free Call Blocker Apps for Android and managed to come up with this small list of the best of the best. These apps have been picked based on reviews, ratings, and the number of downloads.

Truecaller: Caller ID & Block

TrueCaller is probably the most popular Caller ID and Dialer app. Once a user joins TrueCaller, TrueCaller will store the user’s identity forever unless the user unsubscribes from the app.

TrueCaller records all information of a user. If an unknown number calls you, the Caller ID feature immediately identifies the person and displays the name on the screen. Alternatively, TrueCaller boasts an impressive feature to block annoying calls and messages. You can add a number and name to TrueCaller so that the app will block all its calls and SMS.

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Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker

BlackList is a very simple app to filter incoming calls and text messages. Users can create a blacklist on their smartphones. This black list will block all calls and text messages sent to disturb you, as well as MMS messages and private numbers.

This app also offers an exception list where you can choose which contacts are not to be blocked. You can also set this app to block all calls within a certain time period. With BlackList, you can also hide your lists and keep your blocked contacts away from prying eyes. All this makes Blacklist a worthy candidate for the title of the best free call blocker app for android.

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Mr. Number – Caller ID & Spam

Mr. Number blocks calls & spam. This app can be used to prevent any calls or text messages from annoying you. You can block any number from any part of the world. Using this application, you can also direct the wrong numbers to a voicemail. You can choose a number from your contact list to block or you can add a new number and name to block in the app.

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Caller ID & Call Blocker

Caller ID & Call Blocker is very similar to TrueCaller. This app comes with a list of advanced features and a complete package. Whether you want to track your call logs or install a new dialer on your phone, Caller ID & Call Blocker will do it for you.

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This app tracks unknown callers and provides you with all the details related to their names and origins. It also has a blacklist feature where you can add all the numbers that are accessing you without any specific reason. It blocks both calls and text messages from unknown numbers. It also comes with different themes. You can add a contacts widget to your phone screen.

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What Is the Best Free Call Blocker App for Android?

What is the best free call blocker app for Android? Android phones without a built-in call blocker can have this feature using one of these third-party apps brought to you by the Free Phone App team.

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