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What Is the Best Free App for Learning German

What is the best free app for learning German? Today, countless applications have been made to teach German, so sometimes it is difficult to choose the right option. If this is you, then this FreePhoneApp post is here to help.

Maybe you want to improve your German grammar knowledge, enhance your German reading and listening techniques, or expand your German vocabulary and practice conversations at the same time using these apps. For each of these purposes, there are many applications available on the Internet that help you learn German quickly, with no cost, and without the need to attend any classes.


Best Free Apps for Learning German



DUOLINGO is one of the most popular language learning applications and has many fans around the world. This app is free and has wonderful and user-friendly graphics and user interface. In this app, the lessons are divided into small parts that make the learning process as simple and attractive as a game.

The more you use this app, the more words you will learn and you will clearly feel that you are improving your German. One of the best functions of this application is understanding the meanings of words and reading comprehension, while it may not help you as much when it comes to your conversation skills. Another problem with this app is that its offline mode is somewhat limited and you must have internet access to use it.

The German training of the Duolingo software includes 60 lessons that teach you the material step by step. The material covers adjectives, question words, tenses, abbreviations, and technical vocabulary among other things.

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The only way to really improve in German is to try to speak it. The Tandem application allows you to find people whose mother tongue is German or people who are learning like you and make progress in learning German together. This happens through texts, audio files, and video chat. This app helps you find the right person so that you can experience this learning process together.

Once you decide when to chat, you can choose specific topics in advance to break the ice with a stranger. Tandem application comes free, but if you want to use its more advanced options services, you have to pay through in-app purchases.

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The Memrise application is an attractive way to practice and learn German. With this app, you can listen to recorded sounds of different words and phrases and watch videos of speakers speaking in their mother tongue (German). Everything has been designed and arranged in such a way for you to be able to memorize words and phrases better.

Once you open Memrise, the app will ask you the desired language. After choosing the German language, in the second step, two levels are possible to choose for the user, beginner or advanced. After choosing the level, the first lesson will be displayed. Memrise also focuses on commonly used and colloquial words and expressions so that the user can learn the German language as soon as possible and be able to use it while traveling.

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After completing a few lessons, Memrise will ask you some questions and test your knowledge of the subject. The questions are not difficult and you will be able to answer them easily. The app will proceed in the same way and teach you frequently used words and expressions in German.

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Summing Up

What is the best free app for learning German? It is said and believed that language teaching apps have made a big change in the way languages are learned. These Apps handpicked by FreePhoneApp are a great way to learn German because they are always available for free and offer different features options. Ideally, though, these apps should be used along with other educational resources to achieve the best results.

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