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What Is the Best App to Make a YouTube Intro

Best YouTube Intro Makers

What is the best app to make a YouTube intro? This is the question we are going to answer in this post from the Free Phone App team. If this is something that concerns you, stay tuned to the end of the article.

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Intro maker apps will give you the opportunity to generate the beginning and sometimes the ending of your YouTube videos hassle-free. These days, social media are all moving in a direction where image and video content are paid more attention to. Videos have a greater chance of being viewed and influencing the audience. If you want to professionally make videos and produce content, it is necessary to have eye-catching intros for your videos.

What Is the Best App to Make a YouTube Intro?

  • Canva
  • 1Intro – Intro Maker
  • Fort Intro Maker for YouTube
  • Pixel Lab & KineMaster
  • Promeo
App Name Rate on App Store # of Installs
Canva ★★★★★ 100M+
1Intro – Intro Maker ★★★★☆ 1M+
Fort Intro Maker for YouTube ★★★☆☆ 5M+
Pixel Lab & KineMaster ★★★★★ 50M+
Promeo ★★★★★ 100K+


Canva is a video editing app. This tool offers many templates for your YouTube videos. With this tool, you can create professional intros at high speed and work on a project with your team at the same time. It is also possible to create watermarks and thumbnails.

You can also use its music, animation, and GIF section to make YouTube videos. Canva is easy to work with and has a simple user interface. There are various effects available in the app and you can use the main video editing tool anytime you want. Another positive feature of this tool is the ability to create and edit videos and other things in YouTube format. With this tool, you can have the correct dimensions and design different things based on the standards of YouTube.

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What Is the Best App to Make a YouTube Intro

Canva at a glance:

# of Installs 100M+
User Rate: ★★★★★
Devices: Androind
Free version: Yes
Contain Ads: Yes
Pro version: 80$ / month

Canva main features [H3]

  • Entrepreneurs: Grow your business with our logo creator, video editor, poster maker, etc.
  • Social Media Managers : Use the photo editor and collage maker for consistent visuals & mood boards for your brand.
  • Background Remover: One-click Background Remover
  • Magic Resize: Instantly resize your project to any photo & video layout

Pro version features:

  • Edit team projects:  Edit team projects & presentations anytime, anywhere
  • Access premium templates: • Access premium templates, images, videos, audio & graphic design elements.

Canva Strength and Weaknesses

✅ Canva Strengths:

  1. Magic Resize
  2.  Scheduled publishing to Instagram
  3. Brand Kit
  4. • 25K+ pre-licensed audio & music tracks

❌ Canva Weaknesses:

  1. Very high subscription fee

What Is the Best App to Make a YouTube Intro

Download Canva

You can download Canva from this button:

Download Canva

1Intro – Intro Maker

You can use 1Intro – Intro Maker to make a YouTube video intro using your phone. With the help of this app, you can do this in 5 minutes! The size of the app is small and comes with a simple and easy-to-understand user interface. There are many templates available in the app. You just need to select the desired one and enter the video and audio files. Leave the rest to the app. It is also possible to add an image, animated text, logo, etc.

What Is the Best App to Make a YouTube Intro

1Intro – Intro Maker at a glance:

# of Installs 1M+
User Rate: ★★★★☆
Devices: Androind
Free version: Yes
Contain Ads: Yes
Pro version: 78$ / month
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1Intro – Intro Maker main features

  • Gaming Intro: Create a gaming intro in just a few taps
  • Logo Intro: Browse logo reveals intro templates to create a professional logo reveals intro easily.
  • News Intro: Create a new intro with this news intro maker. Browse our editable news intro templates to get started.

Pro version features:

  • Remove Ads: • Access to all premium graphics
  • Outro Maker: Create a stunning video outro with the outro maker and creative outro templates.

1Intro – Intro Maker Strength and Weaknesses

✅ 1Intro – Intro Maker Strengths:

  1.  Editable intro templates
  2. Search for your category
  3. Change texts & fonts and more
  4. Change Backgrounds & stickers

❌ 1Intro – Intro Maker Weaknesses:

  1. Very high subscription fee
  2. VPN required in some countries

What Is the Best App to Make a YouTube Intro

Download 1Intro – Intro Maker

You can download 1Intro – Intro Maker from this button:

Download 1Intro – Intro Maker

Fort Intro Maker for YouTube

Easily one of the best apps out there to make cool video intros for your YouTube videos. This app provides free HD Fortnite video templates for you to create amazing video intros that will showcase your content on YouTube. In addition, these templates are customizable and you can add text, stickers, or music, to design your intros.

Download from Google Play

Pixel Lab & KineMaster

To create your intro, first, enter the Pixel Lab app and then double-click on the Text option. Then write the text you want to be displayed at the beginning of your YouTube video. Now choose a suitable font for your text and then adjust the color. click on the Transparent option from the Edit section.

The background of your image will be removed and converted to PNG format. Save the image and import it into the KineMaster application. Now, in this app, choose a background for your text from the Background section Click on the timeline and set your intro to 5 or 6 seconds.

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Select Layer from the right menu and select the text from the Media section. In Pixel Lab, place your text on a black background and adjust its size. Now, from the In Animation section, you can edit how your text enters the image. You can set the time of this effect as well, which is usually between 1 and 3 seconds. Now add your special intro video

Download from Google Play


Few apps have everything you need to edit videos. And some are too complex for everyday users. But Promeo is the best YouTube intro maker app for beginners. There is no need to look for extensive tutorials on adding clips or making a smooth transition.

With Promeo, you can choose from a list of YouTube intro templates that features all industries, including fitness, cooking, gaming, travel, personal vlogging, and more. It has free intro templates in 1:1, 16:9, and 9:16 ratios to match your preferred video size.

Some of the most popular Promeo app features include:

  • Customizable template library
  • 1:1, 16:9, and 9:16 ratios
  • One-click background removal
  • Unlimited access to videos, photos, and music
  • Preset color scheme libraries to match your brand

Download from Google Play

Summing App

What is the best app to make a YouTube intro? The opening piece of the video or its preview on YouTube is called the intro. You will definitely need to make professional intros for your YouTube videos if you want them to attract attention as well as have your own signature. Simply Pick one of the apps listed in this guide and you will be good to go.

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