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What Is the Best App to Find My Android Phone without Google Account

What is the best app to find my Android phone without Google account? Lost or stolen phones are one of the biggest problems that threaten phone owners. This has caused the need for quick solutions to find lost and stolen Android phones. Various applications have been released to the market to meet this need. In this guide from Free Phone App, we are going to get to know these apps a bit better.


Best App to Find My Android Phone without Google Account



This app enables easy tracking of your lost or stolen phone by automatically turning on GPS. Other features that this app will provide you with include locking the phone, hiding the app from the list of apps, and also deleting your data from the phone. In addition, you will be notified of all calls made to your device.



Avast, which is basically an antivirus production company, offers its anti-theft section independently in an application, considering the urgent need to track phones. The features this app offers include tracking the location of your phone, erasing the data of the stolen phone, locking the mobile phone remotely, and sounding the alarm. Avast Anti-Theft hides itself and notifies you when the SIM card is changed.



This is one of the longest-standing apps that may have passed its prime. This application offers general functions such as tracking the location of your phone, locking the phone, and activating its alarm remotely. It also has the ability to prevent uninstalling the app without your permission.

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This is a versatile control and GPS tracking app. To use it, it is necessary that the application is installed on the tracked mobile phone. Now you can open the Spyzie control panel with any device and start tracking the lost or stolen phone.

With this app, you can control WhatsApp, screenshots, call history, photos, Instagram, browser history, etc. of the target phone. Some of the features offered in this app include:

  • Instant location update of connected devices
  • Ease of use and monitoring
  • Dedicated web-based dashboard
  • Quick access to important device data
  • Provides accurate location history
  • Full compatibility with almost all Android versions
  • Complete personal assistance and care



One of the best GPS phone tracking apps on this list is Sygic. This popular and advanced tracking app has been downloaded over 50 million times. This app has the ability to work in offline mode and the talking guide is certainly another interesting feature. Also, the paid version of the app adds some more interesting features such as street view. Sygic also provides you with interesting road and travel information.



This app offers many attractive and useful features. This is a complete tracker for mobile phones without access to the target phone.

Over the years, many people prefer to use mSpy. This is one of the best solutions available for parents and people who want to monitor target devices remotely. mSpy is a fully hidden tracking app that offers the following features:

  • SMS monitoring
  • call monitoring
  • Email monitoring
  • Satellite locator and GPS tracking
  • Quick and easy installation
  • 24/7 multilingual customer support
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mSpy provides the user with the best tracking experience. This monitoring app works with the radio network as well as GPS.


Summing Up

What is the best app to find my Android phone without Google account? This was Free Phone App’s list of the best of the best when it comes to finding your Android phone without having to use a Google account. Hope you found it helpful.

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