How to set google maps as default on my iPhone?

How to set google maps as default on my iPhone? Google Maps is the most used map app in the US, but iPhone users should use Apple Maps by default. If you prefer to use Google Maps as the default map application on your iPhone, you must take the steps that we are going to discuss in this article on free phone app. So, stay with us until the end of this article.

Why can’t you make Google Maps the default map app on iPhone?

You might be wondering why this is a problem, and the short answer is that Apple has made iOS a closed software ecosystem. In other words, if you can help it, you’re always advised to stick with Apple products rather than third-party alternatives. While iOS 14 allowed users to switch default browsers, email and music apps, the mapping service is not affected. However, these changes aren’t the key to making Google Maps the default map app on your iPhone.

If you want to set Google Maps as your default mapping app, the only option is to make some changes on your iPhone. However, doing so is against Apple’s terms of service and voids any existing warranty. Do this only if you know the risks involved. Your iPhone must have iOS 14 or later to continue with the methods below. Older versions do not allow you to set new default apps.


How do I set Google Maps as default on my iPhone?

Switch from email to Gmail

Apple’s Mail app is fairly basic, and the Gmail app lets you sign in to your Google account for better connectivity. Plus, when you tap addresses in Gmail, after some configuration, you’ll be taken to Google Maps instead of having to open Apple Maps.

Do the same for “Navigation between locations”. Whenever you tap an address in an email using the Gmail app, you can choose between Google Maps or Apple Maps.

Problems with iOS 14 and switching default apps

If you are still using iOS 14 and have not updated to the next sections, you may encounter several problems after performing the above steps. Some default apps bug will reset you to Apple’s factory settings after receiving new app updates. This means that after updating, you have to repeat the above instructions every time.

While Apple has implemented fixes, users who haven’t switched to newer versions of iOS may still suffer from bugs. This is why updating to the latest version of iOS is usually a good idea. The only exception is if the latest version has serious errors.


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