What Is the Best Free Malware Protection for iPhone

What is the best free malware protection for iPhone? Apple’s operating systems, including iOS, are known for their advanced security features, among which the Sandbox stands out. Thanks to this feature, applications cannot affect other apps’ performance or system processes. But there are still different free malware and anti-viruses available for iPhone devices out there that offer attractive properties. In this guide from FreePhoneApp, we will talk about the best free malware protection for iPhone.


Best Free Malware Protection for iPhone

Usually, antiviruses and malware protection apps for iPhone focus more on online security features that can protect users of these devices against phishing, fraudulent messages, and unsafe networks. Also, additional features such as IP change tools and cloud space for backup can be found in some of them as well.


1. McAfee Security

McAfee Security application is one of the most powerful antiviruses and malware protections for iPhone, which also comes in a free version. Those interested will have the option of activating the features of the premium version for 6 months in the form of a trial plan. The paid version of the program supports 10 devices at the same time and can be used on other operating systems including Mac, Android, and Windows as well.

The McAfee Security app prevents users from accessing known phishing websites and will be a good option for securing banking information. Wi-Fi scanner, IP change tool with unlimited capacity, and information leak warning are other noteworthy features of the app.

The Wi-Fi scanner can inform the user when connecting to insecure networks, and the IP change tool offers respectable speed; Although it is not possible to connect to the servers of a specific country as the nearest server will automatically be selected.



2. Avira Mobile Security

The free features of the Avira Mobile Security application are more than all similar apps. Avira is considered to be a very suitable option for the average user and everyday use. The user privacy management tool is one of the most important and practical features of this malware protection app, which prevents Siri from sending browser data to Apple in the form of a downloadable profile.

Other features of the app include the IP change tool with a limit of 100 MB per day, network and device scanner, image space management, and backup for contacts. Avira Mobile Security’s IP changer promises an encrypted connection without recording any traces of user information, perfect for secure web browsing.

Of course, a 100 MB per day limit may not seem very pleasant, but you get the possibility to manually choose a server which is cool. Preventing the opening of phishing websites, blocking spam calls, and monitoring information leakage are other features provided by Avira Mobile Security. The paid version of this app supports 5 devices at the same time.



3. TotalAV

The TotalAV application is equipped with a secure built-in browser that uses the DuckDuckGo search engine; An engine that has a special focus on protecting the privacy of its users and protecting people against being tracked and traced by advertising agencies. The information leakage monitoring tool can also check vulnerable emails in different databases in real-time and notify the user if personal information is leaked.

Other important features of TotalAV include a device locator, deleting redundant images, and battery management. Although it is possible to activate the locator app in its free version, you have to go for the paid version to use it when the device is stolen.



Summing Up

What is the best free malware protection for iPhone? This was FreePhoneApp’s response to this question. We hope you find the information presented in this post helpful in protecting and securing your device against all kinds of malware lurking out there.

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